GOP Presidential Debate Prep LIVE CHAT Featuring Brad Slager, Scott Hounsell, Jennifer Van Laar


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As our loyal RedState VIP Gold members know, every Wednesday night Scott Hounsell and Thomas LaDuke host a live chat far behind the VIP Gold velvet rope and curtain. Tonight, for the occasion of the first GOP presidential debate of the 2024 election cycle, we’re tearing down that curtain and throwing aside the rope and hosting a special ALL ACCESS live chat at 8 PM Eastern (that’s 5 PM Best Coast time) to prepare for the debate with our favorite people. (Our favorite people being you, our loyal readers, not each other…)

That’s right, there’s no paywall for the live chat tonight, so come on back when it’s that time and bring your favorite beverage and a swear jar for Scott – but let’s hope we don’t need it.

Then, when it’s time to witness the debate spectacle (9 PM Eastern), we’ll all mosey on over to the RedState Live Blog of the debate, where the rest of Team RedState will join us to watch the livestream and share our piping hot takes. Oh, and you can throw in your own hot takes, too, if you’re so inclined.

The debate prep live chat will stream below.

But first, a word from our sponsor … 

Our RedState VIP Gold live chats are a safe place for rational thought, truth-telling, and the occasional righteously indignant rant, a place where we’re immune from the censors and scolds. As you know, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get away from the censors, and we’re only able to keep doing what we’re doing because of the direct financial support of our VIP members. With a VIP Gold membership you’ll enjoy an ad-free experience, exclusive VIP articles and podcasts, and VIP Gold live chats across all of the Townhall Media sites (Townhall, RedState, PJ Media, Twitchy, Bearing Arms, and Hot Air). A RedState VIP Gold subscription is already a steal at $89/year, but when you use code SAVEAMERICA at signup you’ll get a 50% discount. If you sign up today, you’ll be all set for next week’s VIP Gold live chat!

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