Glazed Donut Hair Is About to Be Everywhere


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The glazed phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down. Next on the hit list? Glazed donut hair.

It makes sense. First came glazed donut skin, with hype-girl, Hailey Bieber, arguably the trend’s loudest fan. Then came glazed donut nails, the pearlescent chrome mani that’s topped nail trends for the past year or so. So, it was only a matter of time before the sheeny trend infiltrated our hair routine.

It makes a more glamorous alternative to the mussy-matte, salty beach strands that make a reappearance each summer, and leans into the expensive hair color trends that have majored on pretty dimension and (equally importantly) healthy, glossy condition. Plus it works with updos, glossy bobs and XXL lengths.

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Of course shiny hair is hardly new, we’ve seen liquid hair go stratospheric, but heading into summer, glazed donut hair will be making the most of that gleaming sunshine to spotlight luminous, glossy hair. TikToker and hair stylist Lauren Dale swears she’s discovered the secret to boosting glow, even in strands that look a little frazzled.

“You’re probably thinking, Lauren, that hair is not salvageable,” she told followers, while demonstrating fried-looking hair, before adding: “If I told you you could have a treatment, a heat protector and a hair supplement that stops frizz and keeps your hair super smooth in one product, would you believe me?”

The product in question is the Dream Cocktail, from celeb-favorite brand, ColorWOW, which counts A-list hair stylists, Chris Appleton (whose clients are Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian) and Dom Seeley (whose clients include Kendall Jenner) as their ambassadors.

“One it smells like a holiday,” Dale explains. “It [has] a creamy texture, it’s very lightweight. I run it through my mid-lengths and ends and this is honestly gonna bring my hair back to full health. This is gonna make my hair extremely shiny, like a glazed donut,” she says.

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