Gad Saad's Response to Person Caught Screaming at Jewish People on Montreal Campus Is a True Chef's Kiss


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We’ve seen all kinds of craziness at anti-Israel rallies from scaling the fences at the White House and smearing it with red paint last week, to occupying the BlackRock and NY Times buildings in NYC on Thursday.. But perhaps some of the wildest protests/rallies have been on college campuses. 

There was this lovely incident at Concordia University in Montreal, which was posted on Wednesday, that went viral. Jewish students had set up a table calling for the release of the Hamas hostages. Who could object to that? But then this person was caught screaming and throwing invective on camera. 

It has almost eight million views. 

The alleged screaming student then weighed in, saying that the word used wasn’t “k*ke,” that it was “c**t,” and that was in response to a student making nasty gestures at her; the video didn’t show the full exchange. I leave it to you as to what was said. Not that it helps much. Calling a woman that name isn’t exactly an enlightened moment showing you’re a wonderful person. 

The screaming student also claimed to have been doxxed and misgendered. 

Our sister site Twitchy noted how the student tried to drag Concordia Professor Gad Saad into the incident by accusing him of being part of the alleged doxing. 

Warning: coarse language

Saad responded he hadn’t doxxed her and noted the screamer was trying to attack him by tagging the university. He hadn’t ID’ed the screamer or passed on any identity information. 

Saad dropped that chef’s kiss, with a terrific response to the screamer. 

“Oh my apologies,” he replied.  He said he “probably misunderstood ‘k*ke’ and the apparent intimidating hostility that you shared with the Jewish students.”

Perhaps you said “cookie” in which case you should be construed as an interfaith hero rather than being vilified.  BTW, I don’t believe that I made any remarks about what you said or did not say. The clip speaks for itself. I simply shared your beautiful interaction of peace.  Maybe I had no right to retweet a public clip wherein you were expressing such tolerance and love to the Jewish students.  My apologies again.  @concordia

He then “apologized” for Jewish people now feeling unsafe on the campus. 

He pointed out that while she came after him, she was claiming to be the victim. This was great. 

This person who has become famous for her tolerance and love toward Jewish students is now the victim because I retweeted her clip. In her moral compass, my retweeting her clip of love is putting her in danger and therefore I’m a bad person. A good person would have seen the exchange and simply not retweeted it. What if I wanted to retweet it because I’m in agreement with her sentiments of love? Would this be ok? In other words, does the retweet become bad if done by a Jewish person? I’m trying to learn here.

As Twitchy noted, it was also terribly ironic that the screamer was upset about being doxxed, as she spread a post asking to identify the lady who she was screaming at. The screamer also confirmed they were trying to find the woman who was screamed at. 

The screamer should have given up while still behind but got wrecked by digging that hole deeper. 

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