Former Gov. Larry Hogan sees DeSantis' campaign as full of missteps


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Former Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan takes a dim view of the Republican governor from the Sunshine State and his bid for president.  

“I think [Ron] DeSantis has really underperformed,” Hogan told CBS News’ Major Garrett on this week’s episode of “The Takeout.” The interview was recorded at Mike’s Restaurant and Crabhouse in Riva, Maryland.  

“I think the [DeSantis] campaign is one of the worst I’ve seen so far, and he’s dropped like a rock,” Hogan said. “I think it’s getting close to being over.” 

Hogan says DeSantis is “smart,” but when asked to describe DeSantis’ missteps, Hogan didn’t hold back: the culture wars, “dumb comments” about Ukraine, “He just doesn’t connect with people,” he’s “not a good campaigner,” he’s “not a good debater.” 

The first GOP primary debate is scheduled for August 23. 

Wokeism is “all DeSantis seems to want to talk about,” Hogan said. “And I think that’s part of the reason why his campaign is doing as badly as it is or, you know, underperforming expectations as much as it is.”  

The Desantis campaign did not respond to a request for comment. Carly Atchison, a DeSantis campaign official tweeted, “Who is Larry Hogan” [sic]. 

Hogan served two terms as governor of Maryland and led the National Governors Association in 2020. He’s often mentioned as a potential presidential contender in 2024, but said he has no intention of seeking his party’s nomination. 

But if President Biden and Donald Trump are the leading candidates next year, Hogan is not ruling out a third party run. “You’ve gotta leave the door open — in case of emergency break glass,” Hogan said, adding that he would only run for the top of the ticket, not as a vice presidential candidate. 

Hogan praised former Governors Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson for attacking Trump, who was indicted on 37 federal counts earlier this month. “They’re taking it more seriously and being are willing to speak out more than any of the others. But the rest of [the GOP primary field doesn’t] have any courage. They’re afraid to speak out. That’s been the problem,” Hogan said. 

Hogan slammed Trump for continuing to dispute the results of the 2020 presidential race and said election denialism was bad for the Republican Party: “It’s bad morally, but it’s also a sure way to lose elections.” 

Aaron Navarro contributed reporting. 

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