Florida public schools have “effectively banned” AP Psychology.


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August 4, 2023, 11:23am

Today’s news from the front lines of Florida’s war on kids: The state has “effectively banned” Advanced Placement Psychology because its anti-LGBTQ law forbids the course’s material on gender and sexuality. Because the College Board quite reasonably refuses to excise sections acknowledging the full spectrum of gender and sexual orientation to suit the hateful whims of a supremely shitty state legislature, the three-decade-old course will be unavailable to all Florida public school students.

“An advanced placement course that ignores the decades of science studying sexual orientation and gender identity would deprive students of knowledge they will need to succeed in their studies, in high school and beyond,” Arthur C. Evans, Jr., the CEO of the College Board, which develops and administers AP curriculum and tests, said in a statement.

Given that Florida’s whole thing these days is depriving students of knowledge, this seems appropriate. And, of course, deeply awful.

[via The New York Times]

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Nicole Lambert
Nicole Lambert
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