FBI Supervisory Agent Corroborates IRS Whistleblower Testimony, Points to FBI-Involved Cover-Up


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The House Oversight Committee made waves again Monday by releasing testimony from an FBI supervisory special agent that purports to corroborate previous testimony given by IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler.

As RedState has reported on extensively, both Shapley and Ziegler made the striking claim that now-special counsel David Weiss told them and others in a meeting that he was denied special counsel status after he sought to charge Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C., and the Central District of California. That scandal was exacerbated after AG Merrick Garland then gave a presser in which he asserted that Weiss already had the ability to charge in any jurisdiction, essentially claiming that the whistleblowers misunderstood Weiss.

If that were true, though, why did Weiss eventually request special counsel status (allegedly a second time) and receive it in early August? If Garland were telling the truth in June at his presser, then logically, Weiss would not have needed special counsel status in order to move jurisdictions. 

That brings us to the latest revelation from the House Oversight Committee. The transcript from the FBI supervisory special agent confirms other parts of the two whistleblower testimonies, including the fact that the FBI tipped off the Secret Service and Joe Biden’s transition team. 

After that alleged tip-off, someone obviously scuttled the entire thing because while Shapley and the FBI supervisory special agent were told to expect a call to set up the interview, they were left hanging. No one ever called, and no interview ever took place. 

When you put the pieces of this testimony together, it sure looks like the FBI was involved in helping cover up Hunter Biden’s crimes. Why would the Biden transition team need to be notified about an interview involving someone not even in government? And why did the FBI not follow up when no arrangements were made to hold the interview? Like the moves made by the DOJ to hamper the investigation (including asserting Hunter Bidens adult children were off limits), the FBI appears to have been in on the game as well. 

Where this all goes from here is an open question. Weiss is already trying to get the charges against Hunter Biden dismissed in Delaware, with most of the speculation centering on him refiling in Washington, D.C. The handling of this investigation beforehand has left no one with any confidence in the DOJ, though. If the FBI and DOJ were willing to brush things under the rug in 2022 (when the meeting mentioned above took place), why would anyone think they’d handle things aggressively and honestly in 2023?

Read the entire document here:

FBI SSA Transcribed Interview Transcript by Jennifer Van Laar on Scribd

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