EXCLUSIVE: Investigator Asks if Devon Archer Will Be 3rd to ID Biden as ‘The Big Guy'


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An investigator with the Tallahassee, Florida-based Government Accountability Institute told RedState in an exclusive interview that at Monday’s House Oversight Committee transcribed interview with Devon Archer, the fellow Burisma board of directors member with R. Hunter Biden, Archer could triangulate the answer to the mystery of who “the big guy” is.

“If the House Oversight members or staffers ask Archer if he knows who ‘the big guy’ refers to in Hunter’s emails, it could be that he will be the third individual to ID him as Joe Biden,” said Seamus Bruner, the co-author with John Solomon of “Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption.”

Already, President Joseph R. Biden Jr. has been tagged as “the big guy” by Tony Bobulinski, who partnered with the Bidens on deals with the Chinese, and Robert Walker, who acted as a cutout for payments to members of the Biden family from Romanian tycoon Gabriel Popoviciu, said Bruner.

“First, you had Tony Bobulinski, who came forward and said: ‘Yes, the references to an email that was sent saying that Hunter’s gonna hold 10 percent of this Chinese energy venture, and he’ll hold it for the quote, big guy, everybody suspected that’s Joe Biden,’” he said.

“Then, Rob Walker, who’s even closer to Bidens than Tony Bobulinski, said that Joe Biden’s the big guy, so that’s two,” he said.

“Devon Archer and Hunter Biden have worked on deals going back over a decade, longer than that actually, so he’s central,” Bruner said.

“Archer–he’s kind of a political operative,” he said. “In 2009, Joe Biden and  Barack Obama come into office–and that is when the Biden family business goes global,” the investigator said.

“He was in every room for every deal when Hunter’s strung out or high on crack,” he said.

“Archer is the guy looking sharp in the suit at all the meetings, and people are asking: ‘Hey, where’s Hunter? Why isn’t Hunter here?’ He covered for Hunter when Hunter’s in the throes of addiction.”

Bruner said his only caution about if Archer makes the connection is that although Archer was deeply involved in Biden’s business ventures, after his 2017 indictment connected to a scheme to divert proceeds from a $43 million bond sale by the Wakpamni tribe of South Dakota, he was cut out of the action and lost his Burisma board seat.

He said that Archer may not have been in deal flow when they started using “the big guy” tag for the president.

“If Devon Archer confirms that, that’ll prove once and for all that Joe Biden was expecting to get paid from the CEFC China Energy, brings into question how did he make all these millions for the Biden family’s several beach houses and the mansion in Rehoboth, where he’s kind of lived like a king,” Bruner said.

“Everybody’s wondered how the public servant does that,” he said.

“The Bidens claim: ‘Oh, it’s because of book deals and speeches.’ Sounds a lot like the Clintons,” he said.

“Devon Archer knows what … everything that’s going on. I don’t expect that he’s going to just spill all the beans, mostly because he’s up to his neck in these deals,” he said.

One possible motivation for Archer is that he and his partners in Burnham Asset Management were brought to trial, convicted, and sentenced to federal lockup. Still, Bruner said, Hunter was never charged, despite his constant involvement in Burnham’s management and the bond deal.

Burnham was also the entity that the Russian oligarch, the mayor of Moscow’s widow Yelena Baturina, sent $3.5 million, he said.

Archer was ordered to forfeit $15 million and make restitution for another $43 million, and in June, his appeal was rejected, Bruner said.

Cut out of Hunter’s deal flow since 2017, and with little or no chance for a pardon, Archer comes to the House Oversight Committee as a man with nothing left to lose, he said.

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