Elon Drops Details About Training, Fight With Zuckerberg Including Where It Will Be Live Streamed


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We previously reported that X owner Elon Musk and Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg had agreed to a mixed martial arts cage fight.

For many, the prospect of such a fight has broader implications in the greater battle between the two men and the fight between free speech and the opposite of that. Musk has stood up for more free speech on his platform, revealing the prior suppressive actions with the release of the Twitter Files and unbanning people who had been booted off the platform by the prior management, like former President Donald Trump, although Trump has not as yet posted. That’s made him an enemy in the eyes of the left because they no long feel they have control over the platform to push their narrative. He’s now even standing by people who get in trouble with their employers for posting or liking something on his platform, offering them “no limit legal assistance.” That’s pretty amazing, given how much that could potentially add up to. That’s truly standing by a principle.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg’s tried to challenge X with Meta’s version of the platform called Threads. Musk then hinted at legal action, accusing Threads of using proprietary info from his platform, saying “competition was fine” but “cheating” was not. He also called Zuckerberg a “cuck.” But it looks like Threads is already in trouble; they were immediately accused of censorship, and the House is looking into it. It looks like they’re already experiencing a massive drop-off. So much for the challenge.

Musk and Zuckerberg haven’t set a date for the martial arts battle yet, but Musk just announced that he was going to be live-streaming the fight on the X platform.

Musk announced that all the proceeds from the fight — which could be quite substantial — are going to go to the benefit of a charity for veterans. UFC president Dana White declared that it would be the “fight of the century.”

The big question, though, is whether Musk will prevail against Zuckerberg. Musk has the height and weight advantage. But he’s older, and Zuckerberg has been training for a bit. Musk says he has some prior training, but how much is not clear. He previously said, “I almost never work out, except for picking up my kids & throwing them in the air.” He also joked about his “walrus move,” where he would just lie on an opponent with his body and do nothing.

But since they agreed to the fight in June, Musk has been preparing. He scored some great help, UFC Hall of Fame legend Georges St-Pierre, to help him train.

Musk has been keeping people posted on his preparation. He said that he was lifting weights throughout the day because he didn’t have the time to work out.

He even posted a video of it.

He said he was “aiming to get to 50 pound free weights this week. I build muscle fast. Physical endurance is my weak spot, so I’m aiming to make this quick.”

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg was training with UFC champions Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski.

Musk explained that the fight was a “civilized form of war.”

I don’t know; a quick move with the weight advantage might work. But if the problem is physical endurance, he might want to work a little on that and up his training in that regard.

It sounds like Lex Fridman and St. Pierre were impressed with what they saw of Musk’s ability.

But Musk has shown that he’s willing to hang in there against prevailing odds and in the face of a lot of threats, something that Zuckerberg hasn’t had to do, so he is showing “endurance” in the arena that counts.

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