Desperate Dems Dish out More Photoshops of Joe Biden, Get Busted With a Little Reality


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Joe Biden has told a lot of whoppers about his life — all kinds of things, from being a civil rights activist to being a truck driver to pander to audiences and make himself look better.

But he can’t hide how much he has deteriorated. As we’ve reported, most Americans believe he shouldn’t be running again and that age is an issue. Sixty-eight percent — more than two-thirds of all voters — say they have concerns about him having the necessary mental and physical health to serve.

Democrats are desperate to try to buffalo people into thinking Joe Biden is up for the job. As I wrote back in December, they had a Democratic strategist, Chris D. Jackson, spreading photoshopped pictures of Joe Biden and his wife at that time.

Now, our friends at Townhall have found more evidence of this, and how this has been amplified by people like former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and “The View”s Ana Navarro.

Since Biden launched his re-election campaign on April 25, White House allies have shared the same four digitally altered photos of Biden repeatedly—without acknowledging that the photos have been edited. One edited photo even retained its original Getty Images watermark, adding to its supposed authenticity.

In each case, Democrat influencers contrast the images with unflattering pictures of Trump, arguing that the comparison proves Biden is not only fit for office, but also more fit than Donald Trump is.

The picture that was spread the most was also tweeted by Jackson, using a picture of Biden on one of his many vacation days in Delaware compared to an old and unflattering picture of former President Donald Trump golfing.

If Biden is in such great shape, as they claim, why are they photoshopping him now to make him look younger? Why do they need to fake the pictures? The simple answer of course is he isn’t in good shape—and everyone knows it.

With Navarro highlighting it, it was shared by more than three million people. You can see more of the pictures at the Townhall link. Hasson notes that all the edits tend to smooth out the wrinkles in his face and exaggerate — or add — a smile, all to give him a younger look.

The thing about that one shared by Navarro was that it was a lazy effort. While they cleaned up the face, they left the arms and legs showing his age. It was so bad, it had people picking up on the issue in the past when I reported on it in December. They not only want to deceive you, but they’re bad at their job.

Unfortunately for them, this is an operation destined to fail because we’re seeing Biden all the time live; we know how old he is and what bad condition he’s in. During his interview the other day, Biden’s rambling was wild. They can’t hide it.

So many people busted this operation with a little reality.

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Lisa Holden
Lisa Holden
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