Department of Education Investigating Christopher Rufo for Civil Rights Violation of 'Misgendering'


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Joe Biden’s Department of Education has opened a civil rights investigation into Christopher Rufo and New College of Florida. The alleged violations cited included “misgendering” and the closing of the school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion department. 

Rufo shared the news on social media and posted some of the “evidence” being used. In one example, he is accused of “misgendering” the school’s former DEI head, Yoleidy Rosario-Hernandez (a biological woman), who claims to go by fake pronouns “ze/zir.” Rufo reportedly called her a “her” and a “she.”

Also in the complaint is an accusation that Rufo referred to a student who uses “they/them” pronouns as a “her,” though it’s noted that she also uses “her/she” pronouns.

The rest of the complaint includes pictures of bathroom signs that were changed to reflect male and female as opposed to the “inclusive” signage the previous leadership put up. Further, it charges that the dissolution of New College of Florida’s DEI department represents a civil rights investigation in and of itself.

According to the Department of Education’s website, if its civil rights investigation finds fault and the targeted parties do not comply with whatever ruling is made (including actions to be taken), a criminal referral can then be made to the DOJ.

This is the next battleground in the fight over transgender ideology. It will be exceptionally difficult due to First Amendment protections for any authority to mandate individuals use so-called “preferred pronouns.” That means that government bureaucracies will be relegated to trying to use their power to pressure institutions and those involved with them.

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