Dems Embrace John Fetterman's New 'Breaking Bad' Look


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Over the past several years, I have been told how fantastic “Breaking Bad” was. I tried to watch it. Once. I gave it a go, but for some odd reason, I couldn’t get past the character that my liberal friend loved being a drug-manufacturing, drug-dealing, murderous psychopath. I know – odd. It’s not unlike the fetish love of Darth Vader. Yeah, he’s an interesting character. Like Reinhard Heydrich is an interesting character. He was also a mass-murdering monstrous lunatic – but you can’t buy a Heydrich doll in a Disney toy store. And not a lot of kids dress up for Halloween as mass-murdering Nazis. That is, unless they’re Prince Harry.

I have never understood the fetish for loving fictional monsters. The excuse is always: “Well, you’re just a morals prude; the character is an indictment on societal ills.” Yeah? Then why do you dress your kid up as an Imperial Storm Trooper? Indictment, I guess. 

When Joe Biden’s brain went completely missing, and conservatives mocked his incompetence with the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” meme, the White House comms team countered with their own creation: Dark Brandon.

A year ago this month, the nincompoops running comms for Joe Biden embraced the “Dark Brandon” imagery. They did that, notwithstanding the fact that “Dark Brandon” has its genesis in Chinese propaganda. And the comms team incorporated Nazi imagery without a hint of self-reflection. They used Nazi imagery when Biden threatened half the country while in front of Independence Hall. 

Biden’s image team created a myth around Joe’s aviator-glasses fake tough-guy persona, fetishizing their love for false prophets and mythical antiheroes, inventing Dark Brandon. Except, they didn’t invent it. They stole it.

Well done, comms kids, you molded Joe into a supervillain? That seems to be the point, and faithful leftists don’t see the irony. The best look for the White House occupant is as a villain with yellow-tinted eyes. Well, they probably are super fans of Breaking Bad. Thus, it is no wonder that another Democrat who has trouble with basic English would don a new look. Before John Fetterman had a debilitating stroke that he has not recovered from, he was a failed mayor of a tiny town in Pennsylvania and then an unknown Lieutenant Governor who wore hoodie sweats to hide the giant lump on his neck. Then he had a stroke. Now, after a second long stay in a hospital and embarrassing public appearances, Senator Fetterman has emerged with a new look: He’s apparently cosplaying Walter White.  

Fetterman’s wife loves his new bad-boy look. 

He’s still wearing XXXL shirts with shorts for “Date Night,” but Senator Fetterman is sporting his new bad boy-Breaking Bad look. Celebrities you have never heard of, with a ubiquitous Ukraine flag in their bio, think Fetterman’s new look is “Totes” badass. 

The Democrat Party resides in a fiction of fake tough-guy imagery. In a fantasy of made-up bad boys. A Dark Brandon and Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Dick Cheney is already Darth Vader, so their next anti-hero will have to be some new mythical character. Icarus, maybe?

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Lisa Holden
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