Democrats Push Biden Administration to Shut Down Ammunition Plant Supposedly to Prevent Mass Shootings


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Democrat attorneys general are calling for an investigation into the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in an effort to shut down the facility. The Missouri-based plant, which is the largest producer of small arms ammunition in the U.S., has become one of the latest targets of the anti-gunner crowd in their quest to keep as many Americans disarmed as possible.

The Democrats’ request, which is ostensibly intended to curb the availability of “military-grade rounds” in the commercial market, is supposed to be a step towards decreasing the prevalence of gun violence. However, like their other schemes, a closer look shows that this is just another way to make it harder for responsible Americans to possess firearms.

All 28 Republican attorneys general responded with a letter sent to the Biden administration countering claims that Democrats made in their initial overture to the White House. The letter affirms that the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment “guarantees a personal right to each law-abiding citizen to ‘keep and bear arms.’”

But Americans cannot exercise this constitutionally protected right to use their firearms without access to ammunition. If your office does what the Democrat attorneys general ask, then ammunition prices will increase, and ammunition availability will decrease. And those restrictions on ammunition will not resolve any of the ills discussed by our colleagues. Those attorneys general wrote to you casting aspersions and requesting an investigation of Lake City because they allege that the plant’s commercial ammunition was used in mass shootings. Perhaps those States should focus more on prosecuting crime to stop mass shootings—rather than trying to stop lawful Americans’ use of guns and ammunition. Their tactic is an overt attempt to punish Americans’ exercise of their Second Amendment rights.

In the letter, the Republican officials point out that shutting down the plant would substantially impact the availability of ammunition and raise prices on ammo. “If your office does what the Democrat attorneys general ask, then ammunition prices will increase, and ammunition availability will decrease,” the letter reads.

This result won’t only affect gun enthusiasts or hunters. It will also impact every American’s right to keep and bear arms. By impeding access to ammunition, Democrats seek to neuter this right and leave more citizens vulnerable to violent criminals.

Next, the economic impact of shutting down the plant would be immense for the city. The plant employs a significant portion of the population. The letter estimates the loss of 500 to 700 jobs if the plant was forced to close up shop. This would affect the livelihoods of a substantial percentage of the local population while not offering any real benefits.

The Republican AGs also note that since the Defense Department has a contract with the plant to support military readiness, shutting it down could hamper the efficacy of the United States military. They also countered an argument made by the Democrats contending that the ammunition manufactured in the plant has been used by mass shooters.

Gun control advocates are firing blanks when they contend that taxpayers are subsidizing mass shooters. They get causality backward. The law-abiding target shooters and gun owners who buy Lake City ammunition are subsidizing national defense and military readiness. Indeed, Lake City is not the sole source of any of the types of ammunition manufactured and sold commercially.

Several other U.S. ammunition manufacturers make and sell the same types of ammunition for civilian use. That ammunition is also imported into the U.S. by foreign manufacturers. If gun control proponents’ goal is to cut off the civilian ammunition supply, ending commercial sales from Lake City will not achieve their objective. But it will undermine national security and result in an increase of reliance on foreign-made ammunition—to the detriment of U.S. manufacturers.

All in all, this is nothing more than an effort to impede the exercise of Second Amendment rights under the guise of promoting safety. The notion that shutting down this plant would somehow cut down on mass shootings is absurd. There are plenty of ammunition manufacturers to choose from. Yes, I know they would like to shut down those plants as well, but currently, they do not have the political capital to do so. But this is certainly a step in that direction. Democrat attorneys general have shown they are even willing to collude with a foreign government to sue American firearm manufacturers.

On Monday, a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled that the country of Mexico can proceed with a lawsuit naming several U.S.-based gun manufacturers, blaming them for supplying firearms used in cartel violence. In the suit, Mexico claims that the gun manufacturers were aware that their products were ending up in the hands of the cartels but did nothing to stop it.

Mexico filed the lawsuit in August 2021, alleging the defendants – among them brands including Smith & Wesson, Colt and Glock – “design, market, distribute and sell guns in ways” that arm Mexican drug cartels, contributing significantly to a rise in gun violence within Mexico, despite strong regulations.

The complaint was dismissed by a US district court in September 2022, which ruled Mexico’s claims “were barred by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act,” according to the ruling published Monday by the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

Of course, sending a strongly worded letter to one of the most anti-gun presidents in history isn’t going to stop this effort against the ammunition plant. However, it could be the prelude to the lawsuits that would inevitably ensue if the White House makes a move against Lake City.

This case could be critical. If Democrats get their way in this matter, they will only continue targeting other ammunition plants and firearms dealers. Since the makeup of Congress prevents them from passing radical anti-gunner legislation, they are seeking other ways to prevent people from keeping and bearing arms, which is why it is essential to defeat this campaign before it gathers momentum.

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