Cybersecurity CEO Shares Story Of Perseverance And Reinvention


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“Through the Firewall” by Boyd Clewis is released with Forbes Books

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NEW YORK (June 20, 2023) — Through the Firewall: The Alchemy of Turning Crisis into Opportunity, by Boyd Clewis is now available. The book is published with Forbes Books, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes, and is available on Amazon today.

In Through the Firewall, cofounder and CEO of Baxter Clewis Cybersecurity Boyd Clewis shares his story of defying steep odds to find success. From the very beginning, Clewis has faced adversity. After overcoming health issues when he was born, he became a teenage father, faced legal issues, and endured family tragedy at a very young age.

Clewis pulled himself up, believing that circumstance doesn’t control destiny. In his new book, Clewis explains where he failed, where he succeeded, and how he reinvented himself before starting his cybersecurity business from the ground up. Through the Firewall is Clewis’ strategy guide for expertly playing your cards using his process of turning adversity into opportunity and seeing curses as blessings.

“Boyd is an incredibly talented cybersecurity leader, and to have read his backstory and learn of how he overcame challenges left me extremely inspired,” said cybersecurity expert and founder of CyberSafe Foundation Confidence Staveley. “This book has an actionable way of taking Boyd’s life lessons and empowering you to review your life and make better decisions going forward. I highly recommend this book not just to young people but to everyone looking for a will and way to reinvent their lives and rewrite their story.”

About Boyd Clewis

Boyd Clewis is the cofounder of Baxter Clewis Cybersecurity, the author of Corporate Security: Proven Ways to Reduce Cybersecurity Breaches, a member of Forbes Technology Council, and a highly respected international expert and speaker on cybersecurity featured on Forbes, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS. He is dedicated to helping businesses implement effective security and compliance programs. He plays a significant role in the cybersecurity initiatives of many of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

He is regularly praised for his innovative presentations at some of the leading cybersecurity conferences, including the PCI Community Meeting held in North America and Europe.

Through his consulting work, Clewis discovered the need for more diverse individuals in the cybersecurity space; therefore, he founded Baxter Clewis Cybersecurity, which has helped students land jobs at Google, Cisco, American Airlines, IBM, Honeywell, and more.

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