Current Climate: Facing A Summer Of Heat Waves And Hurricanes


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Summer is less than a week old and already the heat waves are coming. This week, single-day temperature records were shattered throughout Texas, which is already putting a major strain on its electrical grid. Texas isn’t alone – cities across the country, from Hartford to Philadeplphia to St. Louis to Miami have all seen record high temperatures this month. And researchers warn that there’s more to come, as some forecasters estimate that 2023 may be the hottest year on record. Here are some tips for staying healthy in dangerous temperatures.

Heat may not be the only thing to worry about this summer. Despite a forecast of a below-average hurricane season, the National Hurricane Center has already identified the formation of two named Atlantic storms. One of them is expected to form into a Tropical Storm and the other expected to reach being a category 1 hurricane by Wednesday.

These types of storm systems only very rarely appear in June–and two haven’t formed near the same time in June since 1968. On top of that, there are currently two additional tropical clusters emerging near the Atlantic coast of Africa. Typically, the first hurricane of the season doesn’t form until August. Earlier this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted there would be between 12 and 17 total named storms, but it remains to be seen if these earlier-than-normal formations mean there’s more on the horizon.

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The Big Read

3M Reaches $10.3 Billion Deal With Public Water Suppliers Over ‘Forever Chemicals’

Manufacturer 3M and several water systems across the United States agreed to a $10.3 billion settlement over water pollution claims involving “forever chemicals,” which can contaminate water and impact the health and immune systems of those who digest them.

Read more here.

Discoveries And Innovations

The latest edition of’s annual American-Made Index, which details just how much of a car model was made in the U.S., features models from EV company Tesla in the top four slots.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved the sale of chicken made from animal cells Wednesday, allowing two companies to reportedly bring “lab-grown” meat to upscale U.S. restaurants in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Hong Kong-based startup Clearbot is building small, self-driving boats that are capable of cleaning up plastic waste in the ocean.

A sweeping climate report says that Europe is the world’s fastest-warming continent, which has contributed to violent wildfires, drought conditions and a rise in heat-related deaths over the last several years.

The United Nations on Monday adopted a pact commonly known as the High Seas Treaty, which establishes the first-ever framework for governing practices like fishing, mining and oil extraction in international waters.

The Big Transportation Story

Ford Scores $9.2 Billion Loan To Expand EV Battery Manufacturing

A $9.2 billion loan to Ford’s electric vehicle division will go toward three battery manufacturing plants in the U.S., the Department of Energy announced Thursday, marking one of the largest grants to an automaker in recent history. Those new factories will help power Ford’s plan to manufacture 2 million electric vehicles by 2026.

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Sustainability Deals Of The Week

Climate Resilience: The Biden Administration is planning on investing up to $600 million for projects aimed at helping communities on the coasts and Great Lakes become more resilient in the face of changes to local environments due to climate change.

Space-Based Solar: Virtus Solis, a startup developing space-based solar power stations that would beam energy to Earth, announced it’s entered into a memorandum of understanding with Orbital Composites for manufacture of its systems.

Charging Standards: Electric automaker Rivian unveiled plans to adopt its charger plugs to match its primary competitor, Tesla, giving Rivian drivers access its rival’s expanding U.S. “supercharger” network. The move follows Tesla’s recent partnerships with Ford and General Motors. Meanwhile, Washington has joined Texas in requiring EV chargers to include Tesla’s plug.

What Else We’re Reading This Week

Community-owned solar will soon power this small mountain town in Puerto Rico (Popular Science)

A Cheap Fix to Global Warming Is Finally Gaining Support (Bloomberg)

Extreme Heat Is Deadlier Than Hurricanes, Floods and Tornadoes Combined (Scientific American)

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