Cue the Laugh Track: Sen. Chris Coons Says 'Not One Shred of Evidence' Ties Biden to Hunter Deals


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Chris Coons appears on Meet the Press 7 30 23

We know some politicians are shameless and will say and do virtually anything to stay in power. Nevertheless, sometimes one will make a statement with a straight face that actually blows you away with its dishonesty—they will literally tell you that the white wall you’re looking at is blue.

Such was the case with Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), who appeared on “Meet the Press” Sunday with fawning anchor Chuck Todd to claim—despite the overwhelming information pouring out each and every day to the contrary—that there’s no evidence President Joe Biden had any participation in or knowledge of his son Hunter’s lucrative and questionable overseas business deals. The sheer audacity to make such a ludicrous claim on national television has to be admired, I guess.


You almost feel like perhaps he’s been living in a cave for the last month and just emerged because the news cycle has been dominated by the very evidence he claims does not exist. Coons:

Well, let’s be clear about that point, Chuck. There’s been a five-year investigation – five years – by a Trump appointed U.S. attorney. This investigation started during the Trump administration. And they’ve come forward with not one shred of evidence tying President Biden to any of this.

If he’s trying to imply the Department of Justice increased its credibility by taking five years to investigate what should have been a routine tax case and a gun charge that probably could have been resolved in months, he’s missed the mark—badly. The fact that it’s taken this long shows that Attorney Merrick Garland’s DOJ slow-walked this thing from day one and then, in the end, tried to slip a sweetheart plea deal for Hunter past a judge who was luckily too smart to let it pass.

But saying that there’s not one shred of evidence… I just want to insert the “shaking my head” emoji” because that’s all I can think of when I watch this. Here are just a few of the recent stories at RedState discussing the endless whistleblowers, Suspicious Activity Reports, and texts recovered from Hunter’s laptop that provide evidence of wrongdoing by both the elder and junior Biden:

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s former business associate and pal Devon Archer is scheduled to testify before Congress Monday, and indications are that he might drop some bombshell claims. Coons might very well end up with (more) egg on his face.

If Coons had said there’s no smoking gun proof yet, he might have maintained a modicum of credibility. But to pretend that “there’s nothing to see here” is an embarrassment.

Sometimes someone starts an interview or discussion and says something so lacking in honesty and intellectual integrity that you don’t really care what else they have to say. Nevertheless, I’ll sum up Coons’ interview for you quickly: Biden is probably the greatest president in the history of the world, everyone loves him (guess he hasn’t seen Joe’s approval ratings), the economy is oh so fantastic (it’s not), and all sorts of other gaslighting.

Meanwhile, I wrote a story in June about NBC giving the axe to Chuck Todd, so I was surprised to see him still there. Then I remembered he’s on a farewell tour until September. It’s probably vapid interviews like this one that were too much even for the Peacock.

Why would Coons go on TV and slavishly peddle such ridiculousness? As my colleague Nick Arama has reported, Coons has extensive, long-term ties to the Biden family, and Hunter even helped him raise funds for his 2010 campaign. I guess he learned the old lesson, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, and gaslight as necessary.

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