Church of Scientology Dispatches Volunteer Ministers to Flooded Areas Across Gauteng


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After the devastating floods that devastated areas of Gauteng Scientologists and Scientology volunteer ministers were sent to different areas affected, which included Diepsloot.

KYALAMI MIDRAND, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, April 10, 2023 / LinkDaddy News / Following the floods that affected areas of Gauteng last week Scientologists and Scientology Volunteer Ministers were escorted from the Church of Scientology in Castle Kyalami to various areas affected, across the affected areas including Diepsloot to determine the number of people affected by the recent flooding and figure out what could be done to help. Only two wards were affected in the beginning wards 95 and 113 They found homes that were destroyed, families living on the streets, and extensive damage to infrastructure as a result of the flooding.

The work these Volunteer Ministers, as well as Scientologists are doing in this area is phenomenal. They are helping to bring the people of the community together to help clean our community.”
— Ward Counselor

community-members-and-scientoloAlong with Ward Councilor in Ward 95 Cllr Juliua Makake along with Ward Committee members, they discovered 16 families in Ward 95 who had their homes destroyed with only rubble left.

Within Ward 113 they discovered 20 families in need of help by the affliction, totaling 59 individuals, and seven houses that were destroyed.

In the wake of this incident, which hurt the community and the surrounding area, the Scientologists requested at the time for volunteers to assist in cleaning the area immediately following. Twenty people volunteered immediately to assist. This was done by 20 people who volunteered immediately. The City of Joburg as well as the Ward Councillors of Wards 95 and the 113th Ward.

“The Ward Councilors and committee members were extremely helpful and responsive. It was wonderful to see how everyone came together to help,” says Markus Neuweiler who is a Scientology volunteer minister from Castle Kyalami.

a-scientology-vounteer-ministerIn the following days, more and more volunteer volunteers showed up help and help rebuild the community. As the families that lost their homes were escorted to an adjacent shelter, everyone willingly helped take care of the cleanup. The group even chose to clean up the river’s bank which was covered in garbage and debris arising from the flood. the river was cleaned. This encouraged others who joined the team to assist too.

A counselor for the ward was amazed by the way the community came together to create a positive impact within the area. He stated “What these Volunteer Ministers as well as Scientologists are doing in the area is amazing. They are helping to bring the people in our community to work together to clean up our environment. I’ve never heard of this before. Thank you.”

The whole group is scheduled to return on Thursday, and they are hoping that many more will join them.

Sandile Hlayisi
Church of Scientology South Africa
+27 61 907 9325

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