Christina Aguilera's Purse Mini Skirt Looks Exactly Like Its Inspiration


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There’s a not so hidden formula to obtaining an Hermès Birkin. One must either rack up purchases at the French brand to have the honor of being offered a bag or resort to secondhand resellers where prices are shakier than the stock market. Simply, it’s quite the feat to snag a Birkin (not to mention the astronomical price tag) so its no surprise that fashion connoisseurs are getting creative.

The latest name to try her way around the accessory is Christina Aguilera, who posed on Instagram in a micro-mini skirt that mimicked the shape of the iconic accessory. That’s certainly one way to skip the competitive Birkin waitlist!

Her skirt is from Namilia’s spring/summer 2024 collection appropriately titled “In loving memory of my sugar daddy.” The front portion of the tiny skirt takes on the Birkin bag silhouette—a sturdy handle strap that connects to two flaps. Of course, there’s the signature lock and clochette, too. While the shape is spot on, the glitzy fabric of the skirt is certainly outside the traditional pebbled leathers of the Hermès bag.

The runway version did feature lace-up detailing at the sides, but it seems that Xtina made some adjustments to the piece. Her skirt connects normally and is sans Hermès details at the back. “Precious goods,” she captioned the post.

She may have taken cues from the original look, though, in terms of styling. Aguilera paired the skirt with a simple black t-shirt, chunky sunglasses, and clear slingback heels. She also shared a clip of Namilia’s runway show in her Instagram carousel which showed off some more Hermès-inspired looks from the collection.

In addition to Aguilera’s skirt, there were remixed dresses, bikini tops, and oversized bags (it is still unclear how Namilia is managing to skirt an Hermès lawsuit). The brand is known for their over-the-top fashion presentations and growing list of celebrity co-signs—everyone from Nicki Minaj to Cardi B, Julia Fox to Paris Hilton.

And while most stars certainly have the capital for an Hermès shopping spree, they might want to go the Aguilera route. Because, if you’re going to rock a fake Birkin, why not wear it as a skirt?

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