Chanel’s Mini Skirts are Haute Couture Style


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This Spring 2023 haute couture shows have been heavily inspired by animals, myths and surrealism. Chanel is taking a more subtle approach than, say, Schiaparelli‘s faux-taxidermy, with its latest collection by Virginia Viard

Among large plywood animal sculptures by French artist Xavier Veilhan inspired by ones once displayed at Coco Chanel’s apartment, models emerged in new riffs on the tweed sets, pin-tucked blouses, dress coats and capes the house is known for. A few looks — like a high-neck, double-breasted, flared-waist jacket and a series of top hats and bow ties — are reminiscent of the wardrobe a high-fashion ring leader, to fit with the mythical bestiary theme. However, the main takeaway from the Spring 2023 collection is Chanel’s endorsement of the mini skirt

Just when you thought the Miu Miu mini fad was waning, Viard confirms the silhouette’s staying power: With just enough flounce, Chanel’s haute couture skirts give each look a youthful, gamine feel. Other highlights from the collection include ankle-grazing floral dresses, beautiful brocade gowns and a hand-beaded corgi on a bouclé tweed jacket. 

The French house will inevitably be in the spotlight a lot more than normal this year, with the upcoming Costume Institute exhibit and Met Gala honoring the late Karl Lagerfeld, followed by a major Coco Chanel retrospective at the V&A in London in September. 

See the full Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2023 collection, below.

Chanel HC S23 002
Chanel HC S23 003
Chanel HC S23 004
Chanel HC S23 005
Chanel HC S23 006
Chanel HC S23 007
Chanel HC S23 008
Chanel HC S23 009
Chanel HC S23 010
Chanel HC S23 011
Chanel HC S23 012
Chanel HC S23 013
Chanel HC S23 014
Chanel HC S23 015
Chanel HC S23 016
Chanel HC S23 017
Chanel HC S23 018
Chanel HC S23 019
Chanel HC S23 020
Chanel HC S23 021
Chanel HC S23 022
Chanel HC S23 023
Chanel HC S23 024
Chanel HC S23 025
Chanel HC S23 026
Chanel HC S23 027
Chanel HC S23 028
Chanel HC S23 029
Chanel HC S23 030
Chanel HC S23 031
Chanel HC S23 032
Chanel HC S23 033
Chanel HC S23 034
Chanel HC S23 035
Chanel HC S23 036
Chanel HC S23 037
Chanel HC S23 038
Chanel HC S23 039
Chanel HC S23 040
Chanel HC S23 041
Chanel HC S23 042
Chanel HC S23 043
Chanel HC S23 044
Chanel HC S23 045
Chanel HC S23 046
Chanel HC S23 047
Chanel HC S23 048
Chanel HC S23 049
Chanel HC S23 050
Chanel HC S23 051

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