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Car and Driver’s rankings are arrived at from the results of our extensive instrumented testing of more than 400 vehicles each year and from our expert editors’ subjective impressions gained in real-world driving.

We’ve ranked the best vehicles based on roughly 200 data points encompassing acceleration, handling, comfort, cargo space, fuel efficiency, value, and how enjoyable they are to drive. We take rankings seriously because we want you to know everything about the vehicles that you’re interested in.


Best Full-size SUVs
Best Mid-size SUVs
Best Compact SUVs
Best Subcompact SUVs

Best Large Luxury SUVs
Best Mid-size Luxury SUVs
Best Luxury Compact SUVs
Best Luxury Subcompact SUVs

Best Mid-size Performance SUV
Best Compact Performance SUV


Best Full-size Sedans
Best Mid-size Sedans
Best Compact Sedans
Best Subcompact Sedans

Best Luxury Full-size Sedans
Best Luxury Mid-size Sedans
Best Luxury Compact Sedans
Best Luxury Subcompact Sedans
Ultimate Luxury Sedans

Best Performance Sedans
Best Compact Performance Sedans
Premium Sedans

Sports Cars

Affordable Sports Cars
Best Exotic Sports Cars
Best Performance Sports Cars
Best Premium Sports Cars

Electric Vehicles

Best Electric Cars
Best Electric SUVs
Best Luxury Electric SUVs
Best Luxury Electric Sedans
Best Electric Pickup Trucks

Pickup Trucks

Best Full-size Pickup Trucks
Best Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks
Best Mid-size Pickup Trucks
Best Compact Pickup Trucks


Best Minivans
Best City Vans
Best Full-size Vans

Station Wagons

Best Station Wagons

Muscle Cars

Best Muscle Cars

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Alexandra Williams
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