BREAKING: Texas State Senate Acquits AG Ken Paxton of Impeachment Charges


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As RedState previously reported, the Texas state House voted in May to issue articles of impeachment against Attorney General Ken Paxton — with the aid of Paxton’s fellow Republicans, Bonchie noted.

Now, the Texas Senate, acting as the jury in the impeachment trial of Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, has voted to acquit him of all impeachment charges. The vote on the 20 charges against Paxton took place on Saturday morning:

The vote was delayed slightly, to 11:10 a.m. 

Dallas reporter Natalie Haddad of WFAA shared a primer on the charges — and how conviction works in this case:

She added information on the next steps, should Paxton be convicted and removed:

Here’s a view of the floor of the Senate: 

Paxton was acquitted on Article 1,

There was a vast shift in the number of nays on the first three articles and Article 4: 

Haddad wrote that the first four charges “accuse Paxton of ‘disregard of official duty,'” as was Article 5 (acquitted). Article 6 involved accusations of “acts of retaliation”:

Article 7 related to “misapplication of public resources” and Article 8. again, to “disregard of official duty”:

Article 9 and Article 10 were about “constitutional bribery.” Paxton was acquitted of both charges, 18-12 and 16-14, respectively. 

Article 16, on “conspiracy and attempted conspiracy,” was also an acquittal: 

Article 17,  Misappropriation of Public Resources (acquitted).

The final two charges:

  • Article 19, unfitness for office.(acquitted),
  • Article 20, on abuse of public trust, was 16-14 for the nays (acquitted).

A final vote was made on the four charges held in abeyance (passage with a simple 16-vote majority), which the Senate voted not to convict on.

Read the full text of the impeachment charges here (.pdf).

As this is a breaking story, RedState will provide further details as they become available.

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