Boys Lie: How This Sweatsuit Became the New Revenge Dress


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This is the ethos that Robinson and O’Malley, both 29, hoped to spread when they started their company five years ago. They are thrilled and shocked that so many women, even celebrities, have jumped on board so quickly. But it’s validating, too, that so many are resonating with their messaging.

“If you’re wearing Boys Lie, you don’t have to be showing your body,” O’Malley says. “You can feel sexy in an oversized hoodie and sweatpants because you feel confident in it. And as long as you’re feeling confident, you feel, I think, the most beautiful.”

Glamour caught up with Robinson and O’Malley to discuss how they’re seizing the moment, why they’re saying no to sponcon, and how they have drawn inspiration from both poetry and reality TV in crafting their now iconic taglines. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Boys Lie founders Tori Robinson, left, and Leah O’Malley.

Oscar Garcia

Boy’s Lie founders Tori Robinson, left, and Leah O’Malley.Oscar Garcia

Glamour: Let’s talk about your viral Ariana Madix moment. How did she get her hands on the set?

Leah O’Malley: We got a reach-out from her stylist, Emily Men, asking to be given a set for Ariana. At first we were like, Oh my God. We didn’t know if she was gonna wear it walking into the reunion, but that was kind of what the email had mentioned.

When did you realize you were now a part of Scandoval history?

Leah: We actually had our sales rep visiting us from New York, and she was sitting next to us at the table and I scared her because I screamed so loudly when I saw…I think it popped up on my Instagram from like TMZ or something.

Tori Robinson: I feel like, for me, it solidified the brand’s purpose and it brought the brand’s ethos to another level, where Boys Lie really is a way to wear your heart on your sleeve, and it is something all walks of life can relate to.

Let’s back up to the beginning of that brand ethos. What’s the Boys Lie origin story?

Leah: Tori and I are both from Pennsylvania…. We actually grew up right down the street from one another. We became really close in college because our boyfriends at the time were best friends.

Tori: After that, we ended up dumping both our boyfriends and becoming best friends. We were seeing each other go through these crazy highs and lows and these insane relationships. “Boys lie” were words that we would use throughout those years, almost like a mantra.

Leah: It was like our slogan, we would say it when we were feeling kind of down in the dumps.

Tori: One night we were in New York City and we ended up drunk somehow in a fire station and we started screaming “Boys lie!” to the streets. We just have this super-drunken moment and we’re like, Oh my God, we should do something with this…. The next morning I woke up really hungover and I realized the name hadn’t been trademarked yet, so I was like, Let’s file for a trademark.

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