Big Stocks Making New Highs Despite Everything


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Interest rates may be headed higher and regional banks may be in trouble but that hasn’t stopped just a few stocks from hitting new highs. It’s almost as if all of the bad news is what propels these names upward — or they’re in a position not to be terribly affected, as impossible as that may seem.

It makes you wonder how they’ll do once the “pivot” is reached or when Russia finally gives up on its Ukraine war. If they can keep moving in the right direction when so much is weighing on the rest of the stock market, maybe they’re worth further research.

Arista Networks
is a computer hardware firm based in Santa Clara, California and focused on cloud networking. The company went public in 2014 and now boasts of more than 8,000 cloud customers worldwide.

With a market capitalization of $49 billion, the stock trades with a price-earnings ratio of 38. The past 5-years earnings growth is 62% and this year’s is 62%. The company has no long term debt and pays no dividend.

Cadence Design

) markets electronics systems design for semiconductor and system companies from corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. Market capitalization is $56 billion. This year’s earnings are up by 23% and up over the past 5 years by 51%.

The stock is trading with a price-earnings ratio of 67 and with an average daily volume of 1.55 million shares. Cadence Design does not pay a dividend.

Hershey Foods Corp (NYSE: HSY) is the name-brand food products company that makes Kiss chocolates, Reese’s peanut butter cups and a number of other well-known confections. Founded 125 years ago by Milton Hershey, the Pennsylvania-based company now has a market capitalization of $49 billion.

Over the past 5 years, earnings have grown by 17.80% and over the last 12 months by 44%. Investors receive a 1.70% dividend.

Osisko Gold Royalties (NYSE: OR) is benefiting from a decent upward move in the underlying metal. It’s a Montreal, Canada-based gold royalty company now holding 175 precious metals royalties around the globe. With a market capitalization of $3.54 billion, the stock’s price-earnings ratio sits a 21.

The recent 12-months earnings increased by 690% and the past 5 year growth is 35%. The company’s shareholder equity greatly exceeds long-term debt. Osisko pays a dividend of 1.48%. The stock is outperforming others in the same sector and others in most other sectors.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (NYSE: TAK) is a drug manufacturing company with corporate headquarters in Nihonbashi, Japan and a market capitalization of $50.78 billion. This year’s earnings are down by 39% and down for the past 5 years by .10%. It trades a 1.10 times book value with a price-earnings ratio of 24. Takeda pays a 6.45% dividend. Bank of America Securities, on March 16th, upgraded its opinion of the stock from “neutral” to “buy” with a price target of $20.

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