Biden Trip to the Grand Canyon: Endangering National Security, Mixed With Hypocrisy, Confusion


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Joe Biden Red Butte Airfield Grand Canyon trip

As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier, Joe Biden was scheduled to be at the Grand Canyon on Tuesday for about 45 minutes, and he’s supposed to give an interview to the Weather Channel, talking about “extreme weather.” I’m sure that’s going to be a hard-hitting interview.

But first, Biden spoke for about 15 minutes at the Red Butte Airfield nearby, about conservation and his climate agenda, to what appeared to be a small audience. He also spoke about how he was going to designate a new national monument. The Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni monument will be nearly as large as the national park itself, with almost a million acres.

Except that’s a huge expanse of land, and it’s cutting off access from land even 40 miles away from the Grand Canyon. Listen, as a rancher explains how expansive and amorphous this all is. The plans had even included his private land, but the impact on private water rights is still unknown.

It’s also cutting off what we may need for our national security, as the House Committee on Natural Resources let everyone know.

Members also sent out a letter to Biden, demanding answers about the impact this was going to have on our national security.

Others are pointing out how Biden’s move benefits Russia while hurting us.

Biden “talks about ‘net zero’ carbon emission, but is proposing to cut off an area almost the size of Delaware from providing uranium to fuel our nuclear plants, which are the largest source of carbon-free electricity,” Dan Kish, senior fellow for the Institute for Energy Research, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “He talks about the evils of Russia and then hands them the keys to our energy security, just like his talk about solar panels has handed the keys to China.”

Once again, Biden seems to be helping our adversaries at our expense.

During Biden’s remarks, he claimed, “There’s a lot of good that’s going to come from the sacrifices of dealing with taking on the climate crisis.”

Sacrifices? Do you mean sacrificing our national security because you grab lands and waters, so they can’t be used to develop for our needs? Do you mean attacking the fossil fuel industry and harming our energy independence? Those seem to be the “sacrifices” that you are foisting on us.

Yet at the same time, Biden doesn’t seem to want to make any “sacrifices” when it pertains to himself. He flies all over to make 15-minute speeches, in the middle of what he calls a climate crisis. Oh, and of course, just happens to have a campaign fundraiser/event scheduled at most of these places where he is going. Then he’s also moving around in a huge, gas-guzzling motorcade. We saw that again on Tuesday.

Talk about the horrendous hypocrisy of the man. If he doesn’t even believe it himself regarding this “crisis,” why should any of us?

Then Biden had another problem. He can’t even get basic historical facts right. Exactly how many wonders of the world is that, Joe?

“The Grand Canyon – One of the Earth’s nine wonders – Wonders of the world – LITERALLY,” Joe insisted. “Think of that…It’s amazing.”

9? 8? 7? Heck, he doesn’t know, but he knows it’s “amazing.” There are seven (or sometimes eight, depending on the count) wonders of the world. The term generally applies to man-made wonders of the ancient world.

Grand Canyon is one of the seven “natural wonders,” a separate category, which Joe doesn’t seem to understand. Further, the number still is not nine. So no, not “literally.”

Then once again, he seemed confused about leaving the stage after his remarks.

He has a problem saluting the Marines on his way into and out of his helicopter and plane but weirdly, saluted the general audience in attendance at the event.

Now, he’s off for a campaign reception in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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