Biden Shows Just How Bad His Deterioration Has Gotten During Remarks in Maine


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Joe Biden flew to Maine on Friday. He gave a speech at a textile factory in Auburn and then he went to a fundraiser in Freeport.

Biden used the shorter steps to get up into the plane to go to Maine.

When he landed in the state, he seemed to have some confusion as he got off the plane. He used the big stairs coming down. Of late, he’s been using the short stairs going up according to reports to reduce the possibility of him tripping. He failed to salute the military members at the bottom of the step and then again when he boarded his helicopter. But in between, he seemed confused about where he was supposed to go.

He then gave a speech at the factory where he discussed how “Bidenomics is driving a manufacturing boom and helping workers and innovators invent and make more in America,” according to his public schedule.

But effectively, all these types of events are him “campaigning” and spreading falsehoods about what he has done for the economy. He’s certainly done a lot of bad things to the economy, but you wouldn’t know it from the whoppers that he tells. He keeps repeating some of the same things that have been debunked repeatedly, such as claiming that he cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion, for which he even got a “bottomless Pinocchio” from the Washington Post. He did that again in Maine, except this time he claimed he cut the debt by $1.7 trillion when he added to the debt. He didn’t seem to understand the difference between the debt and the deficit, although either way, he was still wrong.

He also claimed “wages were up” when real wages were down.

Biden showed just how far gone he was while he was there. He attacked Republicans, saying that the only thing they had to attack him over was inflation and now that was coming down, they would have to impeach him. If that didn’t make any sense to you, just remember it’s Joe Biden. But this is a pretty hilarious statement when you think how aggrieved he is and he finally mentions the talk of impeachment.

“Republicans may have to find something else to criticize me for, now that inflation is coming down. Maybe they’ll decide to impeach me because it’s coming down. I don’t know. I love that one, uh, anyway, that’s another story,” Biden said.

There are a ton of things to criticize him for, it’s not like anyone has to search hard with all the horrible policies of his administration. He’s also one of the main reasons for the spiking inflation. So to act like he shouldn’t be receiving any criticism is funny. He’s cost each of us probably hundreds of dollars more each month, not to mention how they’ve also spiked interest rates to cool inflation. All that is on him.

Yes, don’t joke about impeachment, Joe, because there’s a lot of evidence out there to criticize you for that as well, as I reported earlier with the House Oversight Committee Chair’s latest statements regarding the Biden family foreign dealings scandal.

One of the biggest criticisms of Biden is his continuing incoherence, which was again on display in Maine. He was there to supposedly encourage companies to manufacture new inventions in the United States, and sign an executive order, “Invent it here, make it here.”

But Joe being Joe, he spoke about a website he wanted people to go to, to find out more, “” Repeat the line!

But the address takes you nowhere. There is nothing at this moment at that address, although I can imagine all kinds of folks going there now to make funny pages about Joe Biden. But Biden doesn’t even have any idea about what he was saying and didn’t realize what he said was wrong, and directed people nowhere, just like his administration.

But then, he started to leave and had to turn around, announcing he’d forgotten to sign the executive order, the whole reason he was supposed to be there.

His Democratic operatives laugh like it’s funny that this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. But unfortunately, his incoherence is embarrassing and endangering us before the world, as he showed in spades in Maine.

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