Biden Chills at the Beach, but His Umpteenth Vacation May Soon Be Rocked by Devon Archer Testimony


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If President Joe Biden is nervous about Devon Archer’s scheduled testimony Monday in front of the House Oversight Committee, he’s not showing it. Archer is the former pal and business associate of First Son Hunter Biden, and as we’ve reported, he’s expected to testify that Joe sat in on multiple telephone calls with Hunter’s business partners.

This weekend, did what he has spent a shocking amount of his time in office doing: vacationing.

But [Archer’s]… testimony appeared to be far from the president’s mind who was seen relaxing on the sands in 80 degree sunshine during the 10-day trip to his beach home.

Since taking office, Biden has spent 360 days, some 39 percent of his presidency, on vacation with hundreds of days outside of Washington D.C.

The president and his wife Jill  could be seen strolling to the private beach of North Shores which is for residents only and accessible only with a permit.

Biden could be seen carrying a towel over his shoulder together with a reusable shopping bag from a local bookstore.

Dressed in a navy T-shirt, baseball cap and blue swimming shorts, he walked alongside his wife who was also seen wearing a violet cover-up, white top and baseball cap.

Interesting that he’s hanging out on a private beach. Isn’t that inequitable? Is the guy who pretends to be a regular Joe… gasp… an elitist? (I’ll let you answer that question yourself.) Remember Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, the Democrat who touts himself as a progressive and a prominent critic of “systemic racism” who was revealed to belong to an all-white club? He said he would resign from it yet failed to do so for years. As of 2021, his wife was one of the third largest shareholders in the exclusive association.

Wonder how diverse Biden’s private spot on Rehoboth Beach is? It might seem picky to hit Biden on this, but you know if it was a Republican, you’d be reading all about it on the front page of the New York Times.

While the investigations into the Biden Crime Family heat up, the President and the First Lady seemed to have not a concern in the world:

As he lazed about on the sands, it appeared as though Joe was leafing through some government papers, while Jill looked to be engrossed in a hardback of sorts.

As our SisterToldjah reported, Biden is almost more likely to be lounging than working at the White House:

As RedState reported earlier, our current Oval Office occupant, Joe Biden, headed out Friday for a 10-day vacation which is like the fourth time in a month where he’s taken time off.

Prior to that, he spent three weekends starting at the end of June at Camp David (two of which were with his son, Hunter) and another was spent kicking back at Rehoboth Beach, which we were told in so many words by U.S. officials equated to one “full day” of Biden being on “official business.”

Their umpteenth vacation may be about to get rocked, though, when Archer takes the stand. Things got interesting over the weekend as the DOJ seemed to attempt to intimidate the witness, although Nick Arama reports that things might be more nuanced than that. We’ll find out more in the coming days,

As it stands as of this writing, it appears that Archer will appear Monday despite receiving death threats. As we sometimes say around here, “Grab the popcorn.”

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