Beyonce was paid $24 million for a concert in Dubai. Take a look inside the hotel she opened.


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You might not feel like you had a relaxing Saturday night and you may not want to check out what Beyonce did this weekend. This is unless you are Kendall Jenner, Nia Long, or Kendall Jenner who were there to see Queen Bey perform at the grand unveiling of Atlantis The Royal Dubai.

According to reports, the A-lister received $24,000,000 for an hour-long VIP concert at the hotel. This was her first performance since 2020. These paychecks are what have made Beyonce one of the most successful women with a net worth of $450 million.

The concert featured fireworks, a 48-member orchestra , costume changes, and backing dancing by the Mayyas Lebanese dance group. Blue Ivy, her daughter, reportedly joined her mother to sing “Brown Skin Girl”.

It ended with a bang. (Many bangs, if you look at the leaked video ). Beyonce climbed from the stage to sing “Drunk in love” while fireworks went off and flames erupted from a fountain. Beyonce, just like everyone else, had to go to sleep.

She apparently slept in a 11,000-square-foot hotel suite that costs $100,000 per night, unlike most of us. According to Atlantis Resorts Vice President and Managing Director Timothy Kelly, the room is known as the “Royal Mansion” and costs $100,000 per night. It covers 11,000 square feet.

With its lavishness, the hotel certainly wants to be a household name. The exterior is more stout than upright. NYC’s Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates designed the exterior.

Exterior of Atlantis the Royal. This is where Beyonce performed.

Francois Nel–-Getty Images at Atlantis Dubai

It’s as impressive inside as it is outside. The lobby features a sparkling silver statue to welcome visitors and the hallways feature gilded accents.

The interior of Atlantis The Royal.

Cedric Riberio – Getty Images for Atlantis Dubai

One of the corridors in the luxuriously decorated luxury hotel.

Francois Nel–-Getty Images at Atlantis Dubai

It is 43 stories tall and can accommodate 231 residences, 795 rooms (102 are suites), and all guests of the White Lotus ilk.

The interior of one suite at Atlantis The Royal.

Francois Nel–-Getty Images at Atlantis Dubai

An en-suite bathroom.

Francois Nel–-Getty Images at Atlantis Dubai

Bloomberg reports on 44 suites with infinity pools and the largest jellyfish aquarium in the entire world.

If you require an infinity pool for your villa, each suite includes one.

Francois Nel–-Getty Images at Atlantis Dubai

We were asked to dream big for this project. In a press release, James von Klemperer, president of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and principal designer, stated that the goal was to create something distinctive and iconic for Dubai.

From a bird’s eye view, you can see the hotel’s expansive pools.

Francois Nel–-Getty Images at Atlantis Dubai

Although it is not able to host a Beyonce concert every evening, the hotel offers celebrity chef restaurants. The United Arab Emirates’ top passport might be a way to bring high-net-worth tourists there long-term.

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