Behold the Ultimate Result of Leftism


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The title of this article could be an allusion to almost any number of videos you see on the internet nowadays that highlights a collapse of law and order, but there’s one video going around that grabs my attention. You don’t see the destruction, assaults, or anything happening in this video. You’re just hearing it described.

The person describing the video is a millennial white woman living in San Francisco. She tells a short story on TikTok about an encounter she had in her city with a man and then describes the environment in her city currently. She’s frantic and clearly distressed while she tells the tale.

Before she even gets into the meat of the story she says “If you live in San Francisco, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about,” which in itself indicates that this problem is so widespread that she knows that many in her city will find this relatable. Not some…many.

According to her, she was just out getting groceries when, in broad daylight and in front of a whole group of people, a man walking past her said “Move, stupid b**ch” and then spit in her face. She naturally responded angrily about the act to which the man told her to “Move or I’ll rape you.”

She notes that this man did this in front of a whole group of people who did absolutely nothing to help her. She proceeds to say she doesn’t feel safe in the city and only goes out during the daytime, never at nighttime.

While I feel for this woman, I have to ask what she expected.

San Francisco is a city that has been ruled from top to bottom by radical leftists who are so soft on crime that criminals are more fairly treated than law-abiding citizens.

For instance, someone breaking into your car isn’t considered a crime. Open-air drug dens pollute the city while rampant thievery chases businesses and residents away. Meanwhile, its politicians pass laws like the “Safe Schools and Neighborhoods Act” which, and I kid you not, reduces a good number of felonies to misdemeanors and provides early release for certain violent and sex offenders.

If you’re one of the good guys trying to stop the bad guys, San Francisco’s politicians will come down on you in the name of equality, social justice, and safety.

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It’s so bad that even CNN gets cold feet when going there.

This is the end result of leftism. As politicians and city officials go soft on crime in order to appeal to the “humane left.” Groups that the left has low expectations of in their heart of hearts are given a pass for anything and everything they do, inspiring criminals to take their crimes to the next level. The authoritarian focus goes only one way, making it difficult for the law-abiding to live safely and effectively in a civilized way.

Crimes rules, taxes skyrocket, corruption flourishes, chaos descends, and it all goes to hell.

San Francisco is a tragic story. If it were stripped of its authoritarian grip, its streets cleaned, and law and order returned, it would be a crown jewel of the United States. There was a reason that it inspired songs and movies. But leftist rule corrupts and destroys. There is no other ending. History shows this be it here or abroad.

San Francisco is just one city. You can see any major city suffer under the same conditions no matter where you go.

At the end of the day, leftism doesn’t have what it takes to be a proper governing body. Society needs boundaries, laws, safety, and commerce. Leftism strips these things from society. If San Francisco is to be restored, it first has to shed the cancer that is its leftist bent.

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Lisa Holden
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