Bebe Rexha Updates Fans After Phone-Throwing Injury: ‘I’m Good’


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The good news is that Bebe Rexha is now out of the hospital and appears to be doing fine after a concert attendee threw a phone at her head while she was performing on stage. The bad news is still the fact that somebody intentionally threw their phone at the pop star, hitting her in the face and sending her to the emergency room for stitches. Now we have heard from both Rexha and the guy who chucked a phone at her face, but whether you consider that good news or bad news is a personal matter. 

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On June 19, the day after Rexha getting hit with the phone was captured on a video, which  immediately went viral, the superstar herself took to Instagram to reassure her fans that there was no permanent damage. Rexha posted two photos, one seemingly taken the night of the injury and the other taken post-stitches. In the second pic, Rexha shows her bruised eye and gives a thumbs up. In the caption she wrote simply, “I’m good.” Fellow pop star Demi Lovato was among Rexha’s well-wishers in the comment section, writing, “Love you girly.. I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

Rexha also gave her fans an update on TikTok, singing, “I’m good, yeah, I’m feeling all right,” from her own song, “I’m Good (Blue).”

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As for the person who hit her, the suspected phone thrower, Nicolas Malvagna, allegedly had this to say for himself: “I was trying to see if I could hit her with the phone at the end of the show because it would be funny.” According to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, per the Daily News, this is what Malvagna told a witness who spoke to police. I’m gonna let us all just sit with that for a sec.

Malvagna was reportedly arrested and charged with assault and aggravated harassment, among other things. So, unlike Bebe Rexha, that guy is highly unlikely to be good or feeling alright at the moment.

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