Beach pollution warning, pink eye prevention and how teeth-brushing can boost the brain


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TROUBLE IN PARADISE? – Over half of U.S. beaches were shown to contain unsafe levels of fecal contamination. Experts weigh in. Continue reading…

BEDTIME BACTERIA Sheets and pillowcases may have an alarming amount of hidden germs. Continue reading…

SUN SAFETY – Here’s what to know about skin health in summer. Continue reading…

Woman putting on sunscreen

Experts reveal how to detect suspicious spots that may point toward skin cancer — and other tips for skin safety in summertime.  (iStock)

INFECTION ALERT – Protect yourself from measles before summer travel. Continue reading…

DANGEROUS FORMULA – Bacteria in baby formula is linked to infant infections. Here’s what to know. Continue reading…

BRUSHING FOR BRAIN HEALTH – Another reason to take good care of your teeth. Continue reading…

Woman brushing teeth

New research suggests that brushing your teeth can boost the brain — helping to reduce the risk of dementia. (iStock)

SPINAL HEALTH Causes, symptoms and treatments for scoliosis. Continue reading…

LIFESAVING POLICIES – Athletes, lawmakers and health experts unite to promote CPR and AED training. Continue reading…

AN EYE ON HEALTH – Recognize, treat and prevent pink eye with these expert tips. Continue reading…

Pink eye

As many as six million children and adults contract pink eye each year. (iStock)








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Nicole Lambert
Nicole Lambert
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