Asian man drugged, robbed in Colombia by woman he met on a dating app


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An Asian national was reportedly drugged and robbed in Colombia by a woman he met on an online dating app.

What happened: The man, whose name is withheld, made plans to meet the woman at a restaurant in the southwestern city of Cali, according to the Daily Mail. However, the woman suggested visiting his residence instead, claiming that she did not want to leave her female cousin alone at home. The Asian man living in Colombia agreed to host the two women at his home, where they suggested he order food.

The man recalled using his debit card to pay for the food delivery before blacking out. He was reportedly found unconscious in his apartment by a friend after he failed to answer any of her calls. The victim was taken to a local clinic, where he was placed under observation for three days until he woke up.

Investigation: In surveillance footage, the women are reportedly seen walking out of the apartment with a bag and a box.

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Using the victim’s debit card, the suspects went on a shopping spree, charging $3,890 to his card. They reportedly spent at least $1,490 to purchase a ring at a jewelry store.

Victim asks for help: The victim is calling on Cali authorities to track down the women and recover his money.

“It is not fair [because] the bank must have a precautionary [alert], a plan, and as a jewelry store [it should have seen] how strange a ring worth 6 million pesos, how can they sell it without reviewing [identification],” he said.

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