Are Places Like Portland Oregon the Left's Testing Ground for Recruiting Young People?


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Many movements in world history have used the notion of “Get ’em while they are young” – the idea that beginning to indoctrinate children at as early an age as possible will pay off for that particular movement in the long run. It was done in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and is currently going on with summer camps in China. But the most disturbing case is going on right under our noses in our own backyard. The left has gotten a pretty good head start on it, and common sense Americans will have to work fast if we are going to correct it.

For roughly one hundred years, people like John Dewey have tried to slip progressive ideology into the public school system. And their patience and diligence have paid off. Fast forward through that one hundred years, and teachers’ unions like the National Education Association (NEA) don’t even try to hide the fact that they are actively engaged in the indoctrination of American school children. Have all of the nation’s classrooms become leftist indoctrination labs, or is there a testing ground of sorts where various tactics can be tried out, and the left can play a sick game of trial and error?

You might be familiar with the name Christopher F. Rufo. He has done a lot of work exposing the transgender agenda to the nation. But he has also written a book entitled, “America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything.” In it, he has laid out what appears to be the blueprint from which the left is working to recruit America’s young people into the radical leftist agenda. And in places like Portland, Oregon, it is not just the public school system involved. City governments are also playing a role. The idea seems to be: If radical leftism is in your face all day, every day, you won’t know anything else. Rufo talks about a series of “Five-Year-Plans” adopted by the Portland city government to address, you got it, “equity and inclusion.” He notes that many local store owners have signs emblazoned with leftist battle cries in their windows in a kind of protection racket, presumably so as not to be targeted in any possible future protests. But the bulk of the brainwashing is going on at school.

Rufo describes the curriculums at three Portland area school districts as “saturated in critical theory,” and notes that the districts have assigned several individuals at the various schools within the districts to enforce those curriculums under the veil of “equity and social justice.” Both administrators and teachers have seen to it that the overall curriculum in the districts are not reading, writing, and arithmetic, but left-wing political activism. The end result is what you might expect. Students are taught that America is an inherently evil place. And the riots and destruction that took place in most American cities, especially Portland, after the death of George Floyd in 2020 were a good thing, and those that participated were the good guys because, ultimately, revolution is the end game.

Rufo goes on to explain that the indoctrination doesn’t end there. The districts are encouraging students to participate in such things as “attending a training, joining an allies group, participating in a protest.” Training for what? A protest for what? The people seemingly held responsible for any injustice are white students. They appear to get a very special kind of “training.” They are told that they should “analyze their covert white supremacy” and have “difficult conversations with white friends and family about racism,” and, of course, “use their privilege to support anti-racist work.” Rufo explains that the apparent goal of the training is to “ensure that pathological whiteness has been banished from their psyches.” So much for teaching children to love and respect one another and judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin – how twentieth century.

The results of all of this “education” are about what you might expect. The newly indoctrinated teenage revolutionaries are chomping at the bit, ready to hit the streets and go out into their community to test out what they’ve learned. You might understand protests when Donald Trump was elected, but the protests appeared to escalate when Joe Biden became President. Rufo tells of protests in the streets of Portland on Inauguration Day where windows were broken, and banners that read, “We don’t want Biden, we want revenge,” “We are ungovernable,” and “A new world from the ashes.” No word on what these, as the great Rush Limbaugh would say, “young skulls full of mush,” want revenge for exactly.

This is the blueprint, the formula for feeding the far left-wing agenda and supplying it with a never-ending stream of newly indoctrinated social justice warriors. And public schools seem more than happy to assist. It is not just going on in places like Portland, Oregon, but all over the country. Make no mistake about it, they have a plan, and the plan is mandatory compliance for America’s young people.


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