Anheuser-Busch's Collapse Continues as It's Forced to Sell Off Some of Its Brands


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Anheuser-Busch’s downfall has been a brutal lesson to corporations about how the people have had it with woke culture engagement. Especially when it comes to being a brand that claimed to represent the heart of America and its values.

Now, A-B is apparently being forced to sell off a few of its brands in order to stay afloat. These include Shock Top, Breckenridge Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Company, 10 Barrel Brewing Company, Redhook Brewery, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Square Mile Cider Company, and Hiball Energy. All of these are craft beers, meaning that A-B is cutting a solid chunk off of its craft beer portfolio.

One company is buying all of these brands, a Canadian company called Tilray Brands. Tilray posted a small video on X announcing the purchase.

Tilray is actually a cannabis company. According to a 2022 Forbes interview with its president Irwin D Simon, the company was already looking to branch out and become a player in the American beer market.

Simon said:

I very much want us to be a branded consumer products company, focusing on adult-use cannabis, medical cannabis, the beer category, the spirits category, and where it makes sense, we will have infused foods, Our strategy is very different than anybody else out there. There are no cannabis companies that own alcohol brands today. We will continually look for companies and brands that have an established presence that we can build into a powerful portfolio.

Tilray lucked out, as A-B is currently so in-deep that it’s looking to shed its weight. Thanks to A-B’s incompetence, Tilray is getting its wish.

The trouble started when Anheuser-Busch decided to team Bud Light up with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender TikTok influencer who seemed to be popping up on every brand and every channel—whether you wanted him to or not. The reaction was almost immediate, and the Bud Light boycott led to the total refusal to take part in Anheuser-Busch products.

The company attempted to distract the people with pandering ads that only fueled the boycott’s fire. This was followed up by a hollow response by the company’s CEO that further shot any goodwill the people had to death. Despite all its attempts to stop the heavy bleeding, the company has refused to do the one thing necessary to start rebuilding goodwill with the people, and that’s to simply apologize.

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While there are those out there who believe this is America’s deep-seated transphobia taking effect, what A-B and its few remaining supporters seem to miss is that this is about more than just transgenderism, this is about resisting a cultural takeover that is poisoning America and hurting its people. Transgenderism just happens to be one of its most destructive symptoms.

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The Anheuser-Busch boycott is a loud and unmistakable rebuke of the woke culture that’s infected our society and set its eyes on our children. Mulvaney was one of its chief representatives; an activist wearing a smile and pretending to be happy-go-lucky while supporting a forced intrusion into spaces where he doesn’t belong and normalizing a mind virus that ruins everything it touches. He even, at one point, threatened women who opposed him.

It was inevitable that the people would reach a breaking point with radical leftism and social justice tyranny. Anheuser-Busch just so happened to be the company that crossed that line at the wrong time and then proved that it deserved to burn.

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