Amber Fillerup Clark Drops Her Skin Care Routine


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This is why Fillerup Clark avoids formulating Dae’s products with artificial colors or scents. “When we went into formulating the products, the clean aspect came from not wanting their hair color to fade and other hair reasons, but those same reasons also apply to skin,” she says. “If you have sensitive skin, it might make it flare up or react, so clean products are better since they run down your skin in the shower.” 

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Finally, Fillerup Clark can’t deny the connection between hair and skin health, especially when it comes to caring for your scalp. “One of my very first viral posts, 13 years ago, was actually about scalp health,” she says. “So I’ve always been a big advocate of even just taking a boar-bristle brush and brushing your scalp before bed. Anything you can do will help, and really to look at your scalp like it is skin care.”

Ahead, Amber Fillerup Clark shares her skin and scalp care regimen for Glamour’s Drop the Routine.

My cleansers

I don’t really wash my face in the morning. If I work out, then I’ll rinse it in the shower. I don’t know if this is weird, but I like the oils and stuff that are on my face when I wake up just naturally. But at night I love the OleHenriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser, and I love the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm. I’m always repurchasing and always have them.

Olehenriksen Truth Juice Daily Cleanser

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

My serum

Then I just do PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum and then my moisturizer. I don’t do a toner or anything like that just because I do feel like it dries out my face more. 

PCA SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

PCA Skin Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum

My moisturizers

For moisturizers, I love La Mer, and lately I’ve been using the Moon Juice Cosmic Cream. I love moisturizer for that reason because my skin is dry, but I love to try new moisturizers all the time.

Moon Juice Cosmic Cream Collagen Protecting Moisturizer

Moon Juice Cosmic Cream Collagen Protecting Moisturizer

My face SPF

SPF is the other big thing for me. I actually just picked up another one from my aesthetician. This is the best stuff ever. It’s the SunBetter Advanced Mineral Protection, but it’s like a compact and it has tint in it and it has pretty good coverage, and it’s SPF 68. So it’s, like, legit sunscreen, and I would wear it as foundation even if I weren’t going in the sun. It’s really bomb. I’m shocked it hasn’t gone viral on TikTok or anything because it’s so good. I’ve already gone through three of them, and this is my fourth one.


SunBetter Advanced Mineral Protection SPF 68

My lip care

I usually use the Laneige mask, but I like to wear a sticky lip gloss to bed. I always have a sticky lip gloss on, which is weird, but I have this annoying habit of picking my lip and I feel like the sticky lip gloss makes me just not touch my lips. So I always have that on. It’s not a lip treatment or anything, it’s just the Buxom lip gloss. It’s so niche, and I told my Instagram following, I’m like, “Okay, does anyone else have this issue? Because if you do, try a sticky lip gloss.” And I was floored by how many people have the same issue. But it definitely helps.

Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream Gloss

Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Cream Gloss

My scalp care

I usually do hair oil at night. If I know I’m going to wash my hair the next day, I’ll really douse my hair and scalp in hair oil and sleep with that or put a mask on my ends and sleep with that overnight. And then like I said, exfoliate with a boar bristle brush. It doesn’t have to be “a scalp scrub.” You also don’t have to necessarily have products designed for scalp. You can always just pull your hair oil or even put your mask on your scalp.

Dae Prickly Pear Hair Oil

Dae Prickly Pear Hair Oil

Dae Monsoon Moisture Mask

Dae Monsoon Moisture Mask

My body care

I’ve been loving the Sol de Janeiro Elasti-Cream. I just tried it and I’m like, “Okay, actually as good as everyone says.” And since my kids are in swim teams, soccer, football, whatever, we’re always outside under the sun watching a soccer game or whatever. So I’ll always have an umbrella and SPF, and I love Supergoop! for body SPF. I have yet to find one that I like more.

Sol de Janeiro Mini Beija Flor Elasti-Cream with Collagen and Squalane

Sol de Janeiro Mini Beija Flor Elasti-Cream with Collagen and Squalane

Danielle Sinay is the associate beauty editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @daniellesinay.

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