Airline Pays Over $1,400 to Couple Tortured by Farting Dog During Flight


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Singapore Airlines has paid a New Zealand couple over $1,400 after their flight experience went from “premium” to pungent while they were traveling. The couple had been flying the flatulent skies home from Paris when they found themselves in a position where a gas mask might have made all the difference.

The flight started off normal enough. But soon, the couple realized they were sharing their premium seats with a gassy canine companion as a fellow passenger. The incident was recently reported by a New Zealand news outlet:

A Wellington couple who booked premium economy seats for greater comfort on a long-haul Singapore Airlines flight say they should be refunded after a dog in their row ruined their experience.

Gill and Warren Press were travelling back to New Zealand from Europe in June and had boarded the 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore when they were surprised to discover a dog was accompanying the passenger in the seat beside them.

“I heard this noise – a heavy snorting,” said Gill Press.

“I thought it was my husband’s phone, but we looked down and realised it was the dog breathing.

The owner of the dog insisted that his pet was essential for his in-flight serenity because he often becomes nervous while flying. Unfortunately, the situation worsened as the dog began cutting the proverbial cheese during the flight.

Press raised their discomfort with a flight attendant, who said the only other seats available were in the back row of economy.

The couple decided to stay put, but about halfway through the flight, the dog’s presence had become intolerable due to the smell – it was farting, Press said – as well as the space it was occupying in her husband’s legroom, as it was too large for its owner’s seat space.

Gill also indicated that her husband “was getting the dog’s saliva goo on his leg” as he was wearing shorts at the time.

After the flight, the couple sought to be reimbursed for their flatulence-ridden flight.

The airline originally offered the couple two $73 gift vouchers and their most sincere apologies. However, the couple believed this compensation was an inadequate way to clear the air—fare so to speak. This prompted the airline to offer two vouchers worth $200. Still, this did not rectify the smelly situation, in the Press’ opinion.

The back-and-forth between the couple and the airline lasted for months before they reached an agreement. The company offered them $1,410 to make up for the constant breaking of wind they had experienced while trying to get back home.

The couple will be donating the money to an organization that matches vision-impaired people with service dogs. You know what they say: When life hands you gassy pups on an airplane, make lemonade – or at least ask for a refund.

In the realm of air travel, one can often find themselves in ridiculous and unexpected situations. However, it is typically human flatulence that becomes an issue – not dog farts. Still, this story is a heartwarming reminder that a silver lining can be present even in the most gaseous of canine clouds.

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