According to Linda Lindas, vintage scouts, how to have the best Sundays in L.A.


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Sunday Funday is a Sunday play-by-play of the perfect Sunday in Los Angeles. Get ideas and inspiration for where to go, what you should eat, and how to have a great weekend.

The Linda Lindas have been captivating music lovers since they performed their song “Racist, Sex Boy” at Los Angeles Public Library almost two years ago. It now has over 1.5 million views on YouTube. Their life has been anything but chilled.

All-girl punk group — consisting of sisters, cousins, and chosen family members ranging in age from 12-18 — performed for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs tour last year and appeared on ” Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “Moxie” in Amy Poehler’s 2021 film. In December, they played their biggest hometown show to date at the Fonda Theatre in promotion of their debut album, “Growing Up.”

This week, L.A.’s girl-punk group the Linda Lindas saw their library performance of “Racist Sexist Boy” change everything.

Lucia de la Garza (16 years old) reflects on the band’s hometown show and says that they did “lots of shows” last season.

Eloise Wong (14 years old) adds enthusiastically, “We got to enjoy an after-party up on the roof.”

Mila de La Garza, 12, says that all her friends were there and that it was great fun.

The L.A.-born quartet will embark on a U.S. tour with Paramore and perform at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio.

The Linda Lindas are used to managing their busy schedules, balancing their music careers and their social lives. Bela Salazar, 18, graduated high school in June.

The Linda Lindas’ viral punk song ‘Racist Sexist Boy’ has electrified the internet. They made their TV debut on Thursday night.

The last few years have been a time for practice. But the Linda Lindas love spending time on and off stage together.

The perfect Sunday in L.A. for the band looks very similar to the music video for ” Speaking to Myself,” where they visit their favorite places, with the exception of the evil dolls. This is the Linda Lindas’ list of their ideal Sunday. It is full of recommendations and has been edited to be more concise and clear.

8:30 AM: Enjoy a sleepover and then race to Cindy’s Diner for breakfast in your PJs

Bela Salazar, guitar, vocals: After a night at Lucia and Mila’s house, we would wake up for breakfast at Cindy’s in Eagle Rock.

Lucia de la Garza (guitar, vocals): We’d go out and we’d be wearing our pajamas.

Bela : Although this is not breakfast, I would eat it as breakfast. I love the falafel. A slice of apple pie is also a good option.

Mila de la Garza: They don’t have this for breakfast but they do offer spaghetti with no meatballs.

Eloise Woong (bass, vocals). Perhaps Bela didn’t finish her food so I would just eat from her plate.

Lucia – I’m ordering French Toast and a side dish of potatoes.

Cindy: Cindy is cool, comfortable and bright.

Lucia And the Key lime pie are excellent there.

MilaI would order a glass orange juice. I love orange juice.

Lucia She drinks orange juice from our [tour] rider so that we have orange juice in every room.

Eloise There’s so many orange juice! We just keep two jugs and use it for every show that we play on tour.

Fast-moving staff. Coffee mugs. Comfort food. These are some of our favourite Los Angeles restaurants.

10:15 AM: Vintage Shopping in Northeast L.A.

Lucia : We are going to a vintage store to find some new outfits.

Bela:Eloise is driving!

Bela : I can drive, but not very well [laughs]. We love Leader in the Pack at York Boulevard in Highland Park.

Lucia:Leaders of the Pack offers a lot of cool stuff.

Mila: And accessories.

Lucia We also like Kiki Sash …

Eloise: … We are looking for something unique.

Bela We take forever to shop.

Lucia I find two things that I like, then I choose one and wait for them both to finish.

Bela : We’d spend an hour in each store.

Do you want to please your loved one, who cannot stop talking about holiday shopping capitalism? These thrift shops in Los Angeles offer sustainable gifts.

2:05 p.m.: A coffee and boba break

I would like a cup of coffee. If we are in Highland Park, there is one place I’ll break my bank for: Civil Coffee at Figueroa Street. Although I am trying to quit coffee altogether, this is the exception. Figueroa is my favorite drink. They make Mexican cookies called Marias, and then they add cinnamon to it. They also have excellent matcha.

Lucia Most people don’t drink coffee.

Eloise I think we should get Boba at Minon cake [in Chinatown].

Lucia :Recently I had a coconut strawberry shake, but Sundays are a little more chill. So, I feel like a regular Taro, half sweet and less ice with pudding and no Boba.

Mila. I recently started drinking lychee green with lychee coconut jelly, boba and half-sweet.

Lucia: Minon Cakes’ crepes are also delicious. The mango flavor is our favorite.

Eloise I just have jasmine tea with black tea.

2:20 p.m. Lunch at Jade Wok

Lucia After getting boba we’re going to Jade Wok which is a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.

Eloise We would get their tofu, because it is made there. We would get the one with the meat sauce.

Bela – They have Thai tea there.

Eloise But, we just got boba

Bela : But I would need my 2nd one [laughs].

EloiseAny drink you buy is a one-off deal. So, two Thai teas for one.

Bela:So I would get a Thai Tea. My caffeine will need to be taken out at least four times. This is a daily thing for me.

Lucia I’m storing mine for later. Mila loves Jade Wok’s tomato egg.

Eloise We like their spare ribs.

Bela : I’ll eat ribs. Mila is a vegetarian. Lucia and Eloise eat meat occasionally.

Lucia – I don’t eat red meat.

Bela: I eat everything.

3:00 p.m. Sing throwback tunes at Max Karaoke Studio

Eloise We’re going to do Karaoke at Max Karaoke Studio.

Mila [Some of our favorite songs are] “Dancing Queen”, by ABBA.

Eloise “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt cheap” by AC/DC.

Lucia “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper

Mila We also perform a few songs together.

Los Angeles has a variety of bars and private rooms, including dive bars, live bands, noraebangs or Hello Kitty decor.

4:30 PM: Quick dessert break at the Japanese Village Plaza Mall

Lucia We’d go to Café Dulce. They also have doughnut-type items. Bela doesn’t like doughnuts.

Eloise I feel full.

Mila : I would like to drink water. I don’t like doughnuts so I may walk to the matcha restaurant for soft-serve icecream. It’s delicious.

Lucia The dinosaur eggs at Cafe Dulce are delicious. They are not sweet, and kind of chewy. They have a texture similar to mochi dough. Their products are delicious.

4.45 p.m. – Drive to Pasadena for Vroman’s Bookstore

Lucia :Let’s go to Pasadena. I would like to visit Vroman’s Bookstore .

Bela:Vroman has a coffee shop [laughs].

Mila: Good books.

Lucia I think Vroman keeps up to date on the new books. It’s almost like there is a green color scheme going on, which I find very nice.

Mila,Green is the color I love. It was our first show together as Linda Lindas. I’d get a young-adult fantasy book.

Lucia I tend to stick to fiction, but I do occasionally stray from it. I read a lot. I’m currently reading “Medusa’s Ankles”, a collection of short stories that I bought in Chicago, and “A Study in Charlotte,” a modern-day version of Sherlock Holmes.

This oldest bookstore in SoCal knows its customers well, from tourists to Caltech professors to the varied clientele it still loves today.

5 :45 p.m. Roller-skating at Moonlight Rollerway

Mila : We’d like to go to Moonlight Rollerway.

BelaIt is a classic.

Lucia When it’s really hot, it’s not a great place to be.

Bela Everyone has their birthday parties there.

Mila There was a birthday party when I was about 5.

These are the best spots in Los Angeles and Orange County for advanced and beginner roller-skating.

7.45 p.m. Dinner at Rosty Peruvian Food, before a show

Lucia We’re going to Rosty Peruvian Food on Figueroa Street. They have good rice and beans. They also get the plantains.

Bela Also, their lomo salado drink and chicha morada.

Lucia We would eat at Rosty, as it is down the street from The Lodge Room.

Eloise and somehow Sleater Kinney would be there. The opening band would play at 9 p.m., or some such time, and it would end around midnight.

12:15 a.m.: Watch “Home Alone” while you eat Jeni’s Splendid Ice cream

Lucia Then, we would each grab a pint from Jeni’s Splendid ICE Cream.

Mila We better not go to school the next day.

Bela: I like Brambleberry Crisp.

Mila I like the Savannah Buttermint. This one is seasonal but they would have it on a Sunday.

Lucia: Eloise loves the Brown butter Almond Brittle 1. The Wildberry Lavender is my go-to.

Mila I’d fall asleep in the car and during the movie. I would eat my ice-cream later.

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