A Timeline of the Allegations Against Jonah Hill


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However, it’s relevant to note that many victims are hesitant to come forward with their experiences without “proof,” and when the abuse is emotional rather than physical, perhaps texts are the best proof available.

July 10, 2023: Brady explains that she waited until now to come forward about her experience because she did not want Millar to deal with stress while pregnant, per Page Six.

Meghan McCain offers another perspective and comes to Hill’s defense, characterizing Brady’s timing as “manipulative.” In her Daily Mail column, she writes, “I believe what she’s done to him to be terribly unfair. He essentially told her: if you don’t like my lifestyle or my expectations, we probably shouldn’t be together…Good for him. In this day and age, a man asking a female partner to practice modesty and restraint is automatically interpreted as misogyny…I don’t see it that way. Ask yourself: if these roles were reversed and Brady was asking Hill to avoid hanging out with other women or with men she didn’t like, would she be considered an ‘abuser’?…I am not going to defend everything Hill allegedly said. Cursing at a partner—whether over text or in-person—can be intimidating and cruel. But does that make him a villain? An emotional abuser deserving of ridicule and punishment?”

Bethenny Frankel weighs in, sharing that Hill acted disrespectfully toward her during a previous encounter but cautioning Brady that releasing texts might turn the tide of public opinion against her.

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July 11, 2023: Brady has basically not stopped posting since coming forward, revealing messages from the past allegedly between herself and Hill, and recent ones apparently between her and her support system. One thing she makes abundantly clear: Many, many women have had similar experiences and are finding strength in solidarity.

She also digs into the nitty-gritty of the timing of their breakup and the start of Hill’s new romance, sharing texts that allegedly show the two arguing over whether or not they were “sexting” recently, with Brady claiming that she provided a lot of emotional support to Hill while he was apparently out and about dating. She says that before the split they were on the verge of buying a house and starting their own family. Per the screenshots, Hill repeatedly reminds Brady that he has contributed to her financially. Here’s a transcript of their purported conversations.

Meanwhile, Alexa Nikolas, who rose to fame as a teen star on Zoey 101, alleges on Twitter that Hill nonconsensually kissed her at a party when she was 16 and he was 24.

She says that the party was at Justin Long’s house (he would have been in his 30s at the time), and later tells Page Six that other guests were aware that Nikolas and her friends were underage, giving them alcohol anyway. “I was intoxicated from their alcohol and so none of that helped my decision making afterwards,” she tells the publication.

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