15 Bedroom Color Ideas for a Personal and Energizing Space


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When redesigning your sleeping space, coming up with bedroom color ideas is a natural place to start. Color can instantly change not only the look of the room, but also how you feel when you’re in it. And when it comes to a private space such as the bedroom, it’s important to think about what kind of mood you want to create. Do you need a soothing spot to escape at the end of the day? Or do you want a room that will energize you when you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning? No matter what type of environment you want to create, there’s a color scheme that will help set the tone. If you want a dramatic transformation, consider painting your bedroom walls in your favorite hue. But even small additions—linens, throws, pillows, and lamps—can be used to establish your bedroom colors. You can also try out other bedroom paint ideas, like painting only the trim or an accent wall.

You can focus on one color, bringing in different shades, or mix in complementary hues from the same color family. If you love emerald green, consider integrating other jewel tones. Creating a red room? Try accents in other warm tones like yellow and orange. White and black can help add contrast and make bright shades feel less dominant.

No matter what hue you choose, adding color to your bedroom will make turning in at the end of the day a joy. (And it may even make waking up more pleasant too.) See how designers have used color to create inspiring spaces for slumber and steal their best bedroom color ideas.

Crisp White

A crisp white bedroom is all about simplicity and ease. Bring in natural materials and soft textures to keep the space from feeling starkly bright, and avoid clutter, which can take away from the relaxing vibe.

Cherry Red

The adventurous color is known for its ability to energize, so don’t be surprised if it’s a little easier to wake up in a cherry red bedroom. The shade pairs well with rich woods and other warm tones. Try incorporating textiles, such as Indian block prints, to add touches of red or go all out with a coat of crimson paint.

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